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ARD PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS is a leader in Plate Heat Exchanger industry in China. We can provide all brands of plate heat exchangers and gaskets. Our goal is  to solve your heat exchangers specialized in the area of plate heat exchanger gaskets & plates. For over 15 years, ARD has grown manufacturer and exporter of the integration of the company. We always focused on the oil ,chemical industry, food and beverage, electric power, metallurgy, marine , HVAC and other industries that need plate heat exchangers. 

Now about 1/5 of global plate heat exchanger are using ARD accessories or accept ARD maintenance services(including regular cleaning, repair, replacement parts, etc). More than 50 countries are using ARD products.

ARD will strive to provide a prompt, professional, competitive plate heat exchanger system solutions.


Who we are?

Enhance Order Execution: ARD has a production orders tracking team,we can provide customer the production situation at any time, to improve the efficiency of the customers’ orders.

Customize Online Inquiry: ARD provide professional sales team, is mainly engaged in global trade, we offer you responsible, efficient service in 24 hours when you need, please contact us.

Outstanding Support Team: ARD has more than 15 years manufacturer experiences in plate heat exchanger industry. We have a excellent technical team. Never feel lost and never struggle to find an answer. We are here for you!